September 26th, 2003

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Family Night

Well, nobody bothered to tell me (or either of my siblings) this, but it turned out that tonight was a Designated Family Night. Which really means it's a Designated Do What The Parents Say Night.

Wasn't too bad. We went to dinner at Charlie's Chili, a little place in Newport Beach. Their specialties are chili and clam chowder, but being the kind of guy I am, I got a hot dog and fries. As usual, though, they were good. :^)

When we got home, we had stuff to do. First we had to deal with a newsletter--Mom's volunteer job for Romance Writers of America's Orange County chapter is to send out a newsletter of new releases to bookstores every quarter. We had to stick them closed and put stamps and address labels on them. Not that big a deal, but mind-numbing. Then, in preparation for her new release (Rose is coming out next month), we had to bundle up bookmarks and "Award Winning Author" stickers. Apparently, the price of being mentioned in her Acknowledgements is that you have to hand out bookmarks to all your friends...

After that, we watched the gubernatorial debate, which was broadcast last night. It was very interesting, to say the least. My opinions:
  • Arianna Huffwhatever: Bitch, pure and simple. She's not out to win the office--she's out to make sure Arnold loses, via personal attacks and association with Bush.

  • Camejo (the Green): Enviro-whacko Socialist, but that's to be expected, I suppose. He was polite, which was nice--but that "the rich pay 30% less" line is obviously a heavily manipulated statistic.

  • Cruz Bustamante: Typical uber-slick politician. You could see the special interests slipping money into his back pocket while he spoke. And he had the wrong ideas.

  • Ahnold: I liked him. He seems to have most of the right ideas, and he was funny. (At one point, after a particularly harsh personal attack, he told Arianna that he had the perfect part for her in Terminator 4.)

  • McClintock: I was extremely impressed. He actually had the patience to wait for other candidates to finish their points, even if they said something factually incorrect. His policies were right on as well.

If the only factor was the policies, McClintock would have my vote. Unfortunately, there's Cruz to worry about--I fear that the only way to beat him is through Ahnold. It almost makes me glad that the election falls two weeks before my birthday.

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