October 2nd, 2003

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Well, updates to Mom's site are more or less done.

Whoa...I didn't realize just how much we did 'till I looked at the navbar just now. We touched half the site...

Anyway, I'm not really done yet--we're working on a section for booksellers and some new mailing-list software. But we're almost done. w00t.

Not too bad to get $200 for A-kon...

Oh, and I found a workaround for my mouse problems. In a fit of fury at the USB ports when I was trying to Photoshop some pictures for the "Real Places" section, I remembered that most USB mice accept adapters for PS/2 ports. Fifteen minutes of mad searching later, I found an adapter in Dad's desk drawer. w00tw00t.

My C++ class was canceled today, but I went to school anyway. Why? Because it's near a shopping center with a 99 Ranch (Asian market chain--I think they're a West Coast chain, but I'm not sure). So I walked there, which took about twenty minutes--much better than the hour or so it would've been from home.

Well, I didn't realize it until I got there, but the whole shopping center is Asian stuff, and there were several bookshops in it. I didn't check any of them out, though...

One of the odd things about me is that I normally won't back down from doing something just because I don't fit the demographic for it. However, give me the slightest excuse, and I'll turn tail and run as fast as I can. In this case, "the slightest excuse" was that I didn't know which would have manga, and if any of them would have translated manga.

So I went into 99 Ranch and got some pocky. :^) Just chocolate--they had almond crunch and a couple other varieties, but I didn't really feel like experimenting. Three boxes was a bit under $5, much better than the manga shop at the Spectrum ($9). w00tw00tw00t. Then I walked back to school.

So...yeah. Pretty good day so far, I suppose. Now, back to the salt mines^W^Wweb site...
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

Re: Relationships

Randomness in reply to San-chan's post on online friends:

I've been known to use "offline" as the opposite of "online" for the reason she mentioned--it's the circuit that's virtual[1], not the person on the other end. I don't consider online friends to be in a lesser category than normal friends--partially because I couldn't get away with it considering my distribution of friends, but also because they don't deserve it. Darci, Liz, Rachel and Ian[2] are as much my friends as Michael, Ryan, and Kevin, my offline console-gaming and lame-movie-shooting buddies--and in some ways more so, because I feel closer to them. I doubt any of my offline friends could make me as worried as two of the people on that list have. ;^)

I've mentioned this before, but I'm lucky enough to have a parent who can understand online friendships--one of my mom's best friends lives in Canada, and they talked on e-mail for a long time before meeting in person. (Their connection? Both fans of the band Del Amitri.) She has lots of other online friends, too, and she's even had them stay at the house a few times. She's also seen me interact with Darci--in Las Vegas, Irvine, and Britain--and understands that I care about my online friends a lot. I'm very thankful for that fact.

I'm also thankful for the fact that my brother's constantly glued to the phone, talking to his girlfriend--it makes my phone use of late seem reasonable. ;^)

[1] Semi-obscure technical reference--the TCP/IP connections that most Internet transmissions travel over are sometimes called "virtual circuits" because they're theoretically indistinguisable from connecting the two computers with a physical electric circuit. For some reason I like that term...

[2] Shadow/Aurora and Lights/Sheldon, among others, probably belong on that list too--but it's too long as it is, and those four are pretty much the only ones I think of by birth name instead of screen name.
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

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Mom: *looks at my bed, sees three boxes of pocky* Think you have enough?

Had my brain been working at the time, I would've said "no". :^)
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