October 20th, 2003

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More birthday presents. ;^)

Well, I finally got my speakers working. The solution was to use a no-name card, but a different one than I was using before.

Surround sound plus subwoofer good...

Anyway, I got three "presents" today. The first was from my math teacher--he canceled class because he was feeling sick.

The second was from Mom's credit card company--the card came for me. I also found out that having my name on the account will help build credit, even though my parents are paying all the bills. Win win.

The third was from my assembly teacher, who scheduled a test today, allowing me to cut the second half of class and go home with a plausible excuse, so I could get my passport (my only picture ID--I only have a printout driver's license, the real one's in the mail), drive to Microcenter, and get the aforementioned sound card.

The test wasn't too hard; the only part I really had trouble with was a question asking what all the x86 CPU flags were. I couldn't remember two of them.

Lesee...we got tickets to New York for the interview with Oxford. Both flights are in steerage class, but our seats are good: on the flight there, we have second row seats; on the second, we have first row. Gold card is so worth it...

Oh, my brother and I ran out to get SSX 3 today, only to find out that today was the shipping date. The game will be on shelves tomorrow. We put in a preorder (for the 'cube version--Tricky's graphics were better on the 'cube than the PS2, and I figured this would be the same) and got a soundtrack and a DVD with a trailer and some other stuff.

The trailer is extremely impressive--from what they're showing, the levels are insanely dynamic, to the point that whole sections of course fall away on some of the hardest levels. They restructured the game, which meant scrapping all the old levels, but that seems to have been unavoidable. I also found out that all of my favorite characters survived--Elise, Kaori, and Psymon. Moby, Mac and Zoe also made the cut; the only character I like that didn't make it is Brodi, who I rarely play as, because his alpine boards are a pain in the ass.

The sound track is somewhat less impressive--too rap-heavy for my tastes. Of course, in-game they'll probably use the baselines for the most part, which is fine. Rap baselines are sometimes masterpieces of music--it's just the words put over them that I don't like. But there's a few good omens on the soundtrack, like a remix by Paul Oakenfold.

So tomorrow I'll get the call. Actually, Mom'll probably get the call--they said they'd call between ten and eleven, which is while I'm in class. I'll probably pick it up on the way home from school and have a few hours to play it before Blake gets home.

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