December 1st, 2003

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Well, I'm back. I got home, skimmed my friends page, caught up on MT, and scanned my e-mail before writing this.

The cruise was fun. I went with something like sixteen relatives, some of whom I didn't actually know existed. Although they can be a pain in the ass sometimes, and they're almost always nuts (Mom gets asked sometimes how she comes up with such wacky families for her books, and always replies that the fictional ones are nothing compared to her real one), they can be enjoyable too.

Since we were in international waters, the age limits were lower--eighteen for beer, wine, and gambling. I didn't drink any beer, and only had a couple sips of wine (I haven't acquired a taste for it yet--even supposedly sweet whites are too bitter for me), but I did take advantage of the casino, mostly on relatives' money. :^) Wasted $60 on video poker the first couple nights, then on the last night, my parents introduced me to a table game called Let It Ride.

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My father gave me $50 to play this game; I was rather successful, earning all that back and pocketing $65 for myself. That's mostly because my parents taught me a system that requires that you set all winnings above what you started with aside--that way you don't gamble all your winnings away. The money (or most of it) will soon be safely ensconced in my bank account, which has been suffering of late.

As usual, the food was good, but that's why you go on a cruise, so yeah. I'm still a little zoned, because I only got five hours or so of sleep last night, but otherwise I'm fine. I had a cold while on board, but it wasn't too bad--the worst was the second day, when my voice was cutting in and out badly.

And that's it. I'll be going to the bank soon, and then on to school, and then probably on to In 'n' Out, because although steaks and onion soup and whatever are great, nothing quite matches one of their burgers. :^)
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