February 6th, 2004

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How to "smoke" without a cigarette or a cold day.

Step 1: Get infected ingrown toenails.

Step 2: Get a doctor to perscribe Keflex (an antibiotic).

Step 3: Take one of those bad-tasting, evil-smelling pills, preferably without drink.

Step 4: Wait a couple minutes.

Step 5: Burp.

Step 6: Exhale.

Result: a bizarre white cloud appears in front of your mouth.
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

Network status:

All computers are online with the new DSL. Three--Mom's, mine, and Dad's--are running wireless. Navi will remain wired. My brother's computer doesn't have enough PCI slots to accept a new card, but his friend is going to buy him a new CPU/motherboard/RAM combo anyway (!). My sister's computer isn't getting a signal for some reason; this one is still shrouded in mysteriosity.

Holes in the firewall are configured for Navi; the new DNS information for her seems to have propogated. If you want to visit her, check out novelauthors.com. brentdax.com and architechies.com will be switched over soon. I still have to configure virtual hosts, which probably means rearranging /var/www.

Filespace will be going back online in hosting-only mode soon. That means that files currently on it will be hosted, but new files won't be accepted...yet.

I'm tracking down some bugs with SMTP, and specifically with relay control.

Translation: things are going well.
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