February 9th, 2004

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Well, my parents dropped a minor bombshell on me this morning: they don't mind if I stop trying to work towards a transfer.

The current Plan for me is that I try to get into a good college as a freshman in fall 2005 (the '04 deadlines seem to be up, at least at UCs). In the mean time, I keep working towards a transfer in case that doesn't work out.

Problem is, I'm kinda sucking. Calculus is...well, if I could get myself to work on it I'd be fine, but I can't seem to do that. Assembly is turning into a fiasco. On the other hand, Data Structures is pretty easy, and Japanese is actually the first class I've enjoyed in a long time. (Although I need to find the time to study more...especially kana practice...)

So, this morning my parents proposed that I drop the two classes, take fun classes next year (to stay in good school habits or somesuch), work towards entering as a freshman, and concentrate on my Web business.

I think I've convinced myself that this is a good idea. Still... *shrugs*

Thoughts, minna?
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Finally got my sister's computer on the wireless network! (It only took three PCI cards of various descriptions before I got the USB adapter...)

There is only one thing to say after a victory like this.

All your base are belong to us!

*pumps fist*
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