March 13th, 2004

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My letter to the editor

Background: a state assemblyman suggested giving half-votes to 16-year-olds and one-third votes to 14-year-olds.
I read some of the letters and editorials in Friday's paper about the proposal to give teenagers voting rights.

Then I thought about my city's government. Irvine does nothing but tax and regulate, with an occasional pause to build houses on land it said would be a park.

And I thought about my state's government. California in a financial hole up to its neck, and the Legislature keeps digging.

And I thought about my country's government. Congress can't restrain its own spending, and neither the President nor the Supreme Court will defend our rights.

And I thought about my country's people. Half of them believe they must force their religion on me. The other half believe they must manage my future for me.

And I wondered, "how could giving a few teenagers the vote make things any worse than they already are?"
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

Meme spam...

  • If you call me Brent, you're either a fairly close online friend, or someone I know in real life.
  • If you call me Brent-san, you're probably one of Liz's friends.
  • If you call me Brent-kun, you're either Rachel or Liz, in a weird mood.
  • If you call me Brenton, you're either a teacher on the first day of class, or going to get your ass kicked.
  • If you call me Burenton-san, Izumi-sensei desu.
  • If you call me Brent Dax, you're probably either in Open Source, or you don't know me that well.
  • If you call me Daxster, you're probably the funniest guy I know.
  • If you call me Dax, you're an online acquaintance.
  • If you call me Lieutenant or Ensign, I'll ask if you've escaped AOHell's clutches yet.
  • [edit]If you call me Ensign Expendable, you're about to be sniped right off the holodeck. ph34r my phaser rifle! (I am a shameless sniper when playing Elite Force.)[/edit]
  • If you call me Dark, I'll ask if you've taken the red pill yet.
  • If you call me BD, I'll get very embarrassed at what you probably saw and change my Kazaa settings.
  • If you call me brent or brentdax, you're an instance of bash(1).
  • If you call me daddy, you're a cutecute bot-rin.
  • If you call me "unsatisfied with 1590 on his SAT", we need to have a talk about your child support payments.
That's it, really. I haven't used many handles in my life, I don't collect family members (bot-rins don't count), and "Brent" doesn't lend itself to nicknames.

Oh, and that last one:
<brentdax> purl, brentdax?
<purl> i guess brentdax is or young in a depressingly-better-at-coding-than-I-am kind of way. or an impatient young whippersnapper or unsatisfied with 1590 on his SAT or a slacker
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