April 10th, 2004

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I've been listening to Yellowcard for the last hour or so. I like their songs, and I've enjoyed listening to them tonight, but none of them fits my mood right now...in fact, a lot of them are counter to it. So I'll post lyrics to one that's at least neutral:

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I think it's time for bed. Oyasumi.
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

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...is it a bad thing when you have three RL friends and you can't remember one of the three's name?

I remembered today that DeadAIM allows me to change people's names, so I went on a renaming spree. But I can't seem to remember one of my RL friends's names. x.x
amused, silly, ha ha only serious

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Most of class today was really boring...it was like everyone (except Izumi-sensei) had a late night, not just me. For the first forty-five minutes, my only amusement was the "got manga?" shirt the girl next to me was wearing.

Things picked up just as class was ending, when she was talking about shimasu (which is apparently their way of verbing nouns)...

Izumi-sensei: "mata [time words] denwa shimasu" means "I'll call you back [time words]"... *goes on to explain and give examples*
Me: *raises hand* Could you say "mata denwa shimasen" to mean "I'm not calling back"?
Izumi-sensei: You'd want to use "moo", for "anymore"--"moo denwa shimasen". But that sounds kind of mean...

Then, a few minutes later, she's doing an exercise with the class where you're calling a restaurant to make a reservation...

Izumi-sensei: moshimoshi.
Class: *silent for a few seconds*
Guy: autubaku suteekihausu desu ka? (Probably fucked up the name mangling...)
Class: *bursts out laughing*

I love this class.
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