April 13th, 2004

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The more things change...

Well, a few of you may have noticed some changes in my behavior the last few days...fewer, shorter, less meaningful LJ posts, for example. (Go ahead, scroll back over them, you'll see it.) More of those LJ posts than usual have been at least vaguely sexual. Probably been more cagey on IMs--not really sure, and I'm too lazy to go back over the logs and see.

That's because I've had something to hide. But last night, that became unnecessary. I can now tell you guys that Liz and I are together.

If there's a betting pool on us (I wonder sometimes), the winning date is the sixth. Yes, of April. Yes, of this year. No, it hasn't been going on for months or years. Really.

I suppose this is the part where I'm supposed to describe how I feel, but I can't...I can tell I'm happy, but I can't really describe it beyond that. There are some other surface emotions, too, like relief that I'm actually not so incredibly inept with people as to be completely unable to get a girl. A lot of weight off my shoulders to no longer have to tip-toe around in a somewhat charged friendship...

At the same time, though, I'm aware that I need to be somewhat careful. I watched her leave four relationships, one with a good friend. Obviously, I hope to do better than those four guys. :^) But she is, first and foremost, my friend, and even if this doesn't work out, I want to preserve that.

Comment away, minna...

A few related notes to individual people:

Ian, thanks for being so incredibly reasonable. I imagined a thousand outcomes of telling you, but none of them involved the words "good luck with that" without a load of bitter sarcasm.

Rae-chan, Snow, thanks for not blabbing. You can come out now. :^)

[edit]Her half. Written without my direct input, but still correct in all details.[/edit]
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