August 10th, 2004

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Got a Gmail account, and I'm currently piping all my e-mail into it. This thing kicks so much ass--the label system is really, really awesome. Only bad thing is, I can't set the From header to, so I'm having trouble with mailing lists and such.

Oh, on a geeky note, after ten minutes of playing with it I concluded that Inbox, Starred, Spam, and Trash are probably just labels in disguise; the Archive function simply removes the Inbox label from the message, the Star function adds the Starred label, and the Move to Trash function probably strips off all the other labels and adds the Trash label. Quite elegant, really--I commend the Google people on their ingenuity. All Mail and Sent Mail might also be special labels (with All Mail being un-removable).

I am such a geek.
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Apparently Enterprise may be bringing in Shatner to do a couple episodes as Kirk. I'd be very afraid, except that they've also brought on the couple who wrote Federation (the most awesomest Trek book ever written) as story editors.

Hmm...this could be interesting...