October 31st, 2004

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I'm a sucker for fortune cookies.

You are an artistic person--let your colors show. (*snrk*)
You will be a great success--both in business and socially.
Many people are seeking you for sound advice.
You will be rewarded for being a good listener.
You will be happily surprised by a long time friend.
A sweet surprise awaits you.
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This program just might be the definition of the term "clever hack". Too bad it's closed-source...

(For the non-technically-inclined: Alcohol 52% allows you to create virtual CD drives, to which you can mount CD images (ISOs and other formats). This allows you to download an image and use it without burning it to CD.)
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

Home, home again / I like to be there when I can...

Parents got home tonight. They were exhausted, as it was about 5am for them, so they went to bed pretty quick.

I showed them the damage to the car, and explained what happened. They took it extremely well--better than I even imagined, let alone hoped.

As usual, they came bearing gifts. For me, it was the usual collection of UK computer magazines, which tend to come with CDs full of software, some of which is actually useful. (Incidentally, I now have an extra SP2 CD--Liz, still need it for your sister's box? Anybody else want one, especially if you're on the wrong end of a slow net connection?) They gave my brother a Manchester United jersey, which he loved--not because he's a fan of soccer, but because it's so random that he'll confuse everybody at school, especially one of his friends who's from Britain.

In other news...My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay is a good song, but I won't paste the lyrics here--they're too repetitive even for me to paste into an LJ entry, and its excellence lies in its sound, not its lyrics.

(Incidentally, that site uses some Javascript to disable selecting text on that page. It can be defeated in Firefox by enabling Caret Browsing (the F7 key). Foolish web developers forgot that the client can never be secured...)
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