January 14th, 2005

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Weird-ass dreams...

It was party time in Hell.

As it turned out, some of the commenters on Groklaw were actually demons.  Like, the kind that live in Hell.  And it was time for the yearly celebration in Hell.  Apparently, demons had two major pastimes: torturing people and reading human editorials.  And once a year they got a new batch of earthly editorials, so they threw a party to celebrate.

People were lined up in demonic supermarkets, waiting to be bought for the revelry.  But Groklaw readers had apparently decided that this year they would clean the scum out of their ranks and infiltrate Hell.  So my family snuck into the lines waiting to be bought.

It was kind of surreal...the exit signs all said something like "EVIXEVE".

So, the woman in front of me got bought, but she ran back into the store when she saw a demon walking her dog.  The dog was straining to get free of the leash, and the woman ran into an office and grabbed a chair.  She lifted it and--

Mom woke me up.

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