January 16th, 2005

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What's happened since LJ crashed.

Went to bed really early last night.  Like, eight PM early.  I was a little upset about something that happened in IMspace, and just decided there wasn't anything left I wanted to do that night.  I had lots of trouble falling asleep, of course, but I think I got in ten hours overall.  This was a Good Thing, because I had to be up at eight; I don't think I've ever felt that awake that early.

Liz called around midnight.  Fortunately, I was already awake.  We chatted for a bit, then she hung up and I recrashed.

Woke up seven-thirtyish.  Got a frappucino and doughnuts.  Wai.  Helped move my grandparents' old refrigerator from their garage to ours.  We now have enough cold storage to fit a couple bodies in.

Resurrected my old "access log database" hack on the new Navi.  This new version is much more efficient, however; instead of holding a pipe to an external Perl process that inserts into the databases, I wrote a mod_perl handler, which means that Apache is handling the insertion and deletion itself, without needing an extra process.  I wrote this as a theoretically-CPANable module.

Wrote a Term::Table module to display said access log database neatly.  I'm working on packaging this up for CPAN distribution.

Fixed what turned out to be a longstanding bug in Filespace's delfile.phtml--the page used to select multiple files for deletion was displaying files that had already been deleted.  (Deleted files stay in the database so that Filespace can return a 410 Gone error instead of 404 Not Found; the data's wiped, but the files' existence is still recorded.)  Oops.

Got my journal back.  This made me a happy hacker.

Watched A Day Without A Mexican with my family.  All I can say is that the movie is intensely weird.

Bickered with Rae-chan about citizenship laws.  (Not what you'd think, though--she thinks it's silly that citizenship is based on where you're born, rather than your parents' citizenships.  I pointed out a few corner cases, but... *shrugs*)

Mom sent her January newsletter, and I handled the 800 e-mails that didn't go through.  (In an attempt to not annihilate her server, I have the mailing list script divide her nearly-5000 address list into batches of fifty, prepare one e-mail for each batch with all fifty addresses in a Bcc: line, and then send each e-mail.  If one address in a batch is malformed, the entire batch fails, and it records the addresses in a log file.  I then get to sort out the successes from the failures and send the e-mail again to each address in a failed batch, which isn't as awful as it sounds, because the computer can do a lot of it.  Suffice it to say, though, that this isn't a trivial operation.)

Rebooted because sound had stopped working, and washed dishes.

And wrote pointless details about my day in my journal.
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