January 31st, 2005

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Had a really strange nightmare with my family...sort of.

The characters were my family with other people added in.  Mom had that scary mom lady from The Manchurian Candidate.  Dad was some kind of driver-guy. My brother and sister were there, but I don't remember what they were like.  I was (sort of) John Kerry, scarily enough.

We were in a hotel, and Mom was really pissed off because she thought I wasn't campaigning seriously enough.  So she dragged us into a car and we drove for hours.  Eventually we arrived in tornado country.  Mom was basically nuts at this point, and for some reason she wanted to go through a tornado, so we drove to this town with like eight tornadoes around it.  A little one went up the hood, over the car, and past the trunk, and Mom was ecstatic--now she could say we'd been through a tornado!

But as soon as that passed, a much bigger one loomed ahead of us.  It ran over the hood and picked up the car.

Next thing, someone's looking up records of my rescue at a University of Florida website.  And then I woke up.
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