March 14th, 2005

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Navi's main hard drive is showing hints that it might fail soon...

(Specifically, I'm getting errors indicating that some of the index markers are missing.  SMART's not putting me on 24 hour notice...yet.)

Edit: Linux has apparently decided to mark the affected partitions read-only or something.  I'm going to get a new hard drive tomorrow, but I'm a little short--if anybody can PayPal me a few dollars, I'd much appreciate it.

(So much for saving that money for $trip...)

Edit 2: I've removed hda (the affected drive) from the RAID arrays; the arrays are now running in degraded mode, and will survive even a total meltdown on hda.  The stuff outside the RAID array consists mostly of my e-mail (which Gmail has copies of) and software--kernel, programs, and configuration files.  I'm performing a backup of all that stuff now, on the off chance the hard drive doesn't survive the night.
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