March 19th, 2005

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What's in your tray?

I'm starting a new meme.

Take a screenshot (with your Print Screen/PrtScr key), crop it down to just the system tray (the bit in the lower right next to the clock), and explain what's there.

My tray is empty when collapsed, so this is what it looks like expanded.  Left-to-right:
  1. Mozilla Thunderbird, which I use for RSS, newsgroups, and school e-mail.
  2. Something else apparently related to Thunderbird.
  3. Google Desktop Search.
  4. AIM.
  5. Skype.
  6. Cygwin X Server, which allows me to run GUI apps on my server and display them on my desktop.
  7. Volume control.
  8. Microsoft Anti-Spyware, which is the only free spyware tool with real-time protection.
  9. Avast Anti-Virus, which is free and fairly reliable.
  10. UltraMon, which gives me a taskbar and independent wallpaper on my other desktop.
  11. Pageant, which gives me a handy list of servers I often SSH into.
  12. Gmail Notifier.
  13. Daemontools, which allows me to mount ISOs in virtual CD drives.
Not pictured but often present: Semagic.
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No wonder...

Server uptime: 6 minutes
Total accesses: 436 - Total Traffic: 14.5 MB

For the math-impaired, that's about 2.4 MB/minute.  No wonder Apache keeps getting wedged and I have to restart it.

(By the way, I turned off keepalive, which may help avoid that condition.)
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