July 21st, 2005

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A first time for everything

I was woken up at 7:45 this morning to receive a subpoena from Microsoft.

Okay, before you guys freak out and start a legal defense fund or something, let me finish the story. It seems that Microsoft has decided to sue 117 phishers who were trying to trick people into giving up Hotmail or MSN passwords. One of these phishers used Filespace during a brief window in which PHP was enabled, attempting to collect Hotmail login information. The subpoena was for logs, account information, and site policies (and billing info, but I don't have any).

So, I've been working on that since about eight AM—querying my access log database (which really came in handy), searching through Filespace authentication logs, getting dumps of various database tables, and saving copies of web pages they want copies of. And then assembling the most pertinent data into six pages of attachments, and writing three pages of text explaining what the various files are and how to interpret them.


At least they gave me a $40 check for my trouble, and now I'm done and we're getting ready to go to lunch. And I've done my part to fight the scum of the Internet.