August 24th, 2005

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Rome isn't as bad as I thought it was two days ago, by the way; that was largely the product of lots of uninformed muttering by people, an inability to find food, and a lack of money to see anything. But more on that sometime later.

Today we visited Pompeii—interestingly, on the anniversary of the eruption, the day after the Romans celebrated a feast for Vulcan. (That must've really freaked them out.) No, the volcano didn't decide to erupt on us. It was very interesting, but rather hot and rough; my feet were quite happy to see the gate.

Tomorrow we go to the Vatican, which requires nice clothes. That ought to be an interesting experience.

In other news, I feel a lot of things pressing in—my Summer of Code deadline, a school assignment five days after that, and various and sundry other issues in my life…