August 29th, 2005

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This hurricane has me worried—Liz and a lot of people she's introduced me to are really close to it. Really the only thing keeping me from going nuts is that she hadn't updated for a few days before it happened either.

Everybody in that area: take care.

In other news: I have a new car. n.n Namely, it's an imperial blue Kia Spectra EX with a sunroof and some other goodies that came with it.

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My brother and sister got new cars too. Well, sort of. My brother wanted the above-pictured three-year-old Chrysler Sebring convertible; it was more expensive than the others, so he's actually sharing it with Mom until the lease on the van is up in two years.

My sister, by the way, got the same model as I did but in a much lighter silvery blue. It also has a spoiler, because they couldn't find one in the area in the right color and with a sunroof but no spoiler. (I didn't take a picture because she took it out to sleep over at a friend's house last night.)

Oh, and I ran out this morning and got a radio transmitter thing for my iPod. I'll probably get a little piece of velcro to attach it near the stereo.