September 22nd, 2005

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I wouldn't mind.

In 1983, during Operation Urgent Fury, Queen Elizabeth was the Queen of Grenada while it was being invaded by many other Caribbean countries of which she was also Queen. Additionally, the invasion was also opposed by several other countries in which she was Queen, notably Britain and Belize. The Queen did not make a statement on the invasion, possibly because no statement she could have made would have adequately represented all the countries involved of which she was Queen.
Now that's the kind of problem I'd love to have.
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amused, silly, ha ha only serious

NOAA, Hurricanoes, and Google Maps

So, I was getting a little annoyed at the fact that NOAA's maps don't show cities, so you can't really tell which areas will be hit. So, I examined the Google Maps API, got a key, wrote a bunch of nasty regexen, and threw this together. (You can use it to track any hurricane NOAA has its eye on—try plugging in a forecast for Tropical Storm Phillipe, for example.)

Sometimes, being a programmer is awesome.