November 4th, 2005

ton o' clue

Adventures in Dreamland

So I was out walking around near the lake one cloudy day when I saw a funnel cloud taking shape. I could see it behind houses, expanding towards the ground, and it was pretty cool. I eventually saw it touch down, and a few minutes later I heard a warning siren (does a city in Southern California even have one?) in the distance. It crossed the road far ahead of me, and after it had passed I started walking towards my car, which was past where it had gone.

Then I heard the warning siren again, except this time it stuttered three times.

Somehow I knew that it meant that there were three tornadoes coming my way, which was not cool. I ran to my car and started driving home, but partway there I spotted one—coming right towards me. I pulled a U-turn right in the middle of the street and started driving the wrong way.

And then? I woke up. Brother had turned on Teen Titans in the next room.

I know the type of dream that was; it's a type calculated to wake me up, so I know it was about to turn nasty. But dammit, I wanted to finish it.

(Note that I do not by any means live in tornadoland—there's been one tornado in Irvine in my lifetime, when I was very young. It was very weak, in a different part of town, and managed to hit the only trailer park in the city.)
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