November 12th, 2006

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More or less finished the house thingy. (Although I'm thinking about switching the load-and-store mechanism to something using AJAX to keep it on the server.)

To use it, you'll need a room set; the one for the new house is posted here. Just paste the contents into the textarea and hit "load". You can add little blocks for various pieces of furniture, modifying their properties with the controls at the right and moving them within their rooms by drag-and-drop. The implementation is in index.html, roomarrange.js, and roomarrange.css; there are a bunch of JavaScript libraries I'm using as well, but I didn't write those.

I think my favorite part of this program is that it seems like there's not really any substance to it at all. I wrote fifty lines of HTML, eighty of CSS, about three hundred of JavaScript, and carefully designed a data format to get this right—but I can't really point to any one piece and call it the core, because the core is really Firefox bringing all the pieces together. It's an oddly satisfying way to write a program, perhaps because it leaves you feeling like you got much greater results than you should have been able to with that amount of effort.

Now, to bed.