May 29th, 2007

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Table altered to avoid eye-death

I was tagged by salamon2, so here goes:

What is yours?
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Culinary: Frozen pizzas If we don't have any, I consider the house to not have any food and go out to lunch instead. Which is really bad for my bank account.
Literary: Harry Potter/harem fanfiction I've never seen it written well, which is probably why I read it--the author who could pull it off right would be ungodly.
Audiovisual: Playoffs I'm usually pretty bored by sports on TV, but the Ducks or Angels in the playoffs will capture my complete attention.
Musical: Guitar Hero II "Psychobilly Freakout" is so fun.
Celebrity: The net.gods I find the bickering within the open source community highly amusing. Theo de Raadt is a particularly good source of funny bullshit, but even rms vs. linus is worth a read.

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nobody i dont like and tagging

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

Oh, and the paper mentioned me offhand in an article about Ducks fans—"A teen-age boy stitched six bright-orange rally towels into a full-length cape and stomped around Main Concourse during an intermission." I think I only went downstairs once; otherwise they probably would've seen me at every intermission of a game I had tickets to. Hey, reporter dudes, there are fans up on the 400 level, too.