August 1st, 2007

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Twitter: 2007-08-01

So, I made an account on a so-called "microblogging" service called Twitter. I also found a nice little Perl script that posts a day's tweets on LJ, like so:

01:10:28 — "At the end she should come out of nowhere, yell 'I am no man!', and stab James II in the face with a sword."
01:47:02 — Finished plotting for tonight. Seems Mom needs to look into the Killing Time and a few other things before the next session.
11:11:32 — Waking up at a normal for me time. This is good.
13:09:17 — In n Out ftw.
14:40:13 — Stopped by the Apple Store to see what I'd need to do to plug in in England. Just need an adapter kit from them.
19:00:57 — Seen on a usericon: "Drizzt Do'Urden puts the 'LOL' in 'Lolth'."