October 13th, 2008

amused, silly, ha ha only serious


  • 00:17 @niklassaers Resistance Calculator released a version two as a separate app. I don't think it worked very well for them. #
  • 00:51 Can't wait to see all those O icons be disappointed with his term. Not that McCain would be better, but nobody thinks he's a revolution. #
  • 01:14 Giggle-worthy: tinyurl.com/4jtqnx #
  • 01:30 Somehow...I just get the feeling that I should have done more today. *sighs* #
  • 12:13 @walesmd Please don't throw your vote away on Obama when he doesn't represent your views. Vote third party--you won't win, but you'll speak. #
  • 20:33 Frustrating coverage gaps are frustrating. #
  • 21:16 Starbucks Waterloo Station is closed. *wibble* #
  • 22:10 "This is...Guildford." #
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