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...and just like that, old Navi is no longer handling Internet traffic.

Still to-do on new Navi:
  • See if I can't get virus scanning and spam checking to work--one or the other caused the system to enter a death spiral which took an hour to correct. (The highest load average I saw was around 150, but I spent a very long time after I closed top trying to kill various problem processes, then to get to runlevel 1, then to get to runlevel 6, then...)
  • Formally decommission the old hard drives, remove them from that machine, hook them up in the new server, create a pair of RAID partitions with them and a portion of the big drive I've set aside, and move /var/www and /var/mysql over to them.
  • Enable grsecurity learning mode and let it figure out what the server's security settings should be.
  • Profit!

In almost completely unrelated news...

My brother tends to talk in his sleep. If he starts talking, you can actually ask a question and he'll answer it, apparently in the context of whatever he's dreaming about.

Well, he fell asleep on the couch I sit at to use the server's console while watching ROTK. So as I was working, I really shouldn't've been surprised when...
Him: ...doesn't matter which hand she used...
Me: What?
Him: It doesn't matter which hand she used.
Me: To do what?
Him: To kill them.
Me: Who is she?
Him: Shelob.
Like I said, I shouldn't have been surprised.

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