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While we're on the subject of the CPAN...

A little over a year ago, I wrote a Perl module called List::Part.  The purpose of the module is to divide up ("partition") a list based on some code the user provides.  One of my examples:
    my($lay_off, $give_raise, $keep)=part {
          $_->is_talented  ? 0 
        : $_->is_executive ? 1 
        :                    2
    } @employees;
When I originally uploaded it, I didn't register the module; it really felt a little too small and unimportant to be its own module.

When I was uploading DBIx::Path the other night, it struck me that there really was no reason not to register List::Part.  So I did.  Registrations have to be approved, and in the past they've always taken a couple weeks, so I fired off my request and settled in for a long wait.

Well, it turned out I wouldn't have to wait very long.  Today (yesterday) I got the approval.  I also got an e-mail from brain d foy (yes, it's always written in small caps), editor of The Perl Review, who apparently wants me to write an article about it.

I replied telling him that I was interested and asking if it should be focused on the module specifically or Perl list processing in general.  Once I hear back, I'll write up a proposal and submit it.


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