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Finally wrestled things into place inside Navi enough that I could close her up and put her back where she belongs.  I don't really want to think about what she looks like inside now, and I kinda half-expect to find her shut down in the morning due to excess heat, but if not, hey.  (I had to lay the new hard drives side-by-side, where one is touching the edge of the motherboard and the other's a centimeter or so from the front fans.  The power connectors are actually under the main drive.  It's really quite awful, but it all fits somehow; the only bad thing is that I couldn't get one of the hard drive mounting screws back in, because a cable was in the way.  Ah well.)

Getting everything to fit took maybe forty-five minutes.  That and lifting the CPU (with three hard drives and a CD drive!) and monitor into place has left me so tired I don't even think I have the energy to [censored].

Good night.

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