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Oops. Sort of.

Yesterday I decided I really needed to rearrange the server's guts to allow a little air flow, so I pulled the server back out. One of the things I did was remove the CD-RW drive that was in there. (I gave it to my sister; I'll keep her CD-ROM in reserve in case I need one at some point.)

Well, in removing it, I inadvertently tested my RAID configuration. Removing the CD-RW changed the names of the two little hard drives, so one of them wasn't being included in the RAID array! The array's been running in degraded mode for the past day or so and I didn't even realize it. (The server didn't text me with an error because it booted that way.)

I just added the other drive back in, and the array's now rebuilding itself, which apparently takes about twelve minutes under a late-night load.

Well, at least I know the RAID's working properly. *sweatdrops*

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