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Random acts of randomness

(Note: I got home, read this, and wondered "what the hell was I thinking?!?" I'm posting it anyway, though.)

Ten or fifteen minutes left in class, and I'm bored out of my mind.

I spent most of the period reading the first half of chapter one; the test is Friday, apparently, and I haven't been paying close attention. I finally broke down and stopped reading after an hour. It's so goddamn boring...

So now I'm sitting here, desparately wanting to write something but not having a clue what to write.

I guess I'm confused. I have something I could--probably should--write about, but I need to sort out my own feelings about it first. Need to decide if I'm angry or not, for one, and if so what about and why.

I think I'm also worried, but I'm not really sure, because I'm not getting any of the usual symptoms.

I want to sleep...but I have too much to do, today and tonight...not sure if I'll have time to talk to you guys. I hope I will.