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Victory for the Overlord!

Okay, I think I've finally nailed the last layout bug to the wall. That means Mom's new site can switch from alpha to beta. Yay!

See the pre-beta version

This version renders perfectly in:
  • Gecko 1.7 (Firefox 1.0, Mozilla 1.7, etc.)
  • Opera 7.54
  • WebKit 125 (Safari 1.2)
It's almost perfect in:
  • Trident (IE/Win) 6 [Uses dashed underline instead of dotted]
  • Trident 5.5 (no idea how) [same]
  • Tasman (IE/Mac) 5.23 (huzzah!) [Text is left-aligned instead of justified]
Slightly worse in:
  • WebKit 100 (Safari 1.1) [Some links are missing underlines]
  • Trident 5.0 [Links have normal underlines instead of dotted or dashed, with no rollover effect]
It should be usable in text browsers and easy for search engines to index. And it's perfectly valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.0.

The next step is to rip the page's content out of its layout, then start putting together more pages. Such fun.
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