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Well, I had my first calculus homework-turn-in/test day.

Out of 101 homework problems, I turned in twenty, all of which were done this morning.

Out of ten test problems, I did eight, and one was incomplete.

Christ, I need to start actually, like, doing my homework.

What else...oh, I tried to pick up some manga today, but B&N didn't have any of the ones I was looking for. So I picked up The Cardinal of the Kremlin instead. Since manga and Clancy novels are so similar, y'know.

Also got lunch and an ATM card that'll actually scan. Which is nice.

And before that I talked to San for...probably an hour, total. She had to take other calls twice--once for her father and once for Ian. Been e-mailing since, except for when I went out.

I'm starting to really enjoy test days--they give me time to stand around the school and use up talkstick minutes, instead of going home and facing Real Life. :^)

Speaking of talkstick minutes, I sent a package to her by Priority Mail...the primary thing is a computer headset I had laying around. There's a couple other things in it too, but they're kind of a surprise. :^)

I'll probably have plenty to write about this weekend, for reasons I'll likely discuss in my next entry...
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