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Another fortune...

"Don't be hasty, prosperity will knock on your door soon."

(I so need a fortune cookie usericon...)

Finished reading The Lone Drow today.  Yay for record-setting fireballs.

In other news, I hacked together a little Perl script to make graphs of various mathematical functions.  (The CPAN GD::Graph module was quite helpful.)  One that seems to have interesting and possibly useful properties is avg(votes) * sqrt( count(votes) ).  With this function, a 4.5-average can get a higher score than a 5-average if it has about 20% more votes; I'm not sure whether this is a Good Thing or not, but I think it might be. (I think it might be if I find a way to increase the threshold to 40% or so, actually.)

But it's 4am, which is sleepytime for even the most dedicated hackers...