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The forums

Here's the deal:
  1. I've been paying attention to the Forums again lately.  I'm back at least until the story gets boring again.

  2. Rachel's MDT redux (which the mods have apparently decided to fold into the main MDT) was, I believe, a success.  I want to see if it's a repeatable success.

    Unless there are any major objections, I will probably post a "summary discussion thread" an "in perspective" thread (a better name is very welcome) 12-24 8-12 hours after [683] goes up.  The idea is that by this point all of the random "neat strip, Fred!" posts will be exhausted, some of the stupid theories will have been discussed away, and we can start talking more seriously about what just happened and what's about to happen.  I'm certainly welcome to suggestions of how to refine this idea.

    Edit: "[0NNN In Perspective] (Strip title)"?
    Edit2: Too long. "[NNN] In Perspective"

  3. Having said that, I really need to work on my homework...
Edit3: A proposed meta section for the top of my post:
Now that we've had a few hours to examine and consider the latest strip, this thread is intended to give everybody a place to discuss theories refined in the MDT, as well as introduce new ones. If you just want to say "good strip" or "what's that in Erika's hand?", please use the MDT. If there is already a focus thread on a particular topic, please continue to use it.

Users are encouraged to at least skim the entire thread to ensure you aren't duplicating an earlier post; the idea here is to keep the discussion small and manageable enough that newcomers can participate. If you have just seen the strip, you may also find it helpful to check the first and last couple pages of the MDT to clear up any basic questions about what happened.

No doubt a few of you are already donning your trusty asbestos longjohns. Please refrain from metadiscussion for at least a few hours--let's see how well this works before we start bickering.
Rob also pointed out that 18 hours is way too long, and even 12 might be pushing it. I'm thinking more on the scale of 9 hours now (since that's about when I should wake up).

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