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Well, a conversation on...Saturday I think...with San prompted me to dig through my old hardware. All I found that was of interest was a 4gb drive, but I also found an old Pentium 100-based computer, and I've been trying to mate the pair into a throwaway Linux box.

Not that anything's willing to make it easy. My CD burning software hid the ISO-burning feature and didn't mention it in the documentation. Then I found out that the system can't boot off a CD, so I tried to make a boot disk. My system wouldn't cooperate, so I had to make the disk downstairs.

I had to hunt for a floppy drive I could steal; I finally found one in my sister's computer, and stole it from her, but it didn't work. It turned out that the cable was messed up--I had to use the one from my own computer.

Then I put in the floppy, started the computer, and got this message: "Boot failed". That's it. No explanation, no additional information, not even an error code. Just "Boot failed".

I decided to see what kind of OS was on the hard drive, but for some reason the system isn't seeing it properly--it reads it as a 90mb something-or-other. Bizarre.

I've set aside the project for today--it's just too much of a PITA.

In other news, I'm very curious what she'll think of the package. :^)

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