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Idiots Abound: The Reckoning

Vorlon0010 (1:25:57 AM): *wave* maybe we should bomb the owner of that SN from orbit, for shits and giggles.
Brent Dax (1:26:09 AM): Too good for him.
Vorlon0010 (1:27:05 AM): hehe
Vorlon0010 (1:27:49 AM): though why a male should be insulted by the fact he wants women, I'm uncertain.
Brent Dax (1:28:11 AM): I'm thinking more along the lines of cracking open batteries and letting the acid slowly drip onto his arms.
Brent Dax (1:28:33 AM): Or maybe his tongue...hmm, must meditate on this.
Vorlon0010 (1:28:40 AM): heh
Vorlon0010 (1:29:38 AM): there's simpler, less effort-claiming methods. Honestly, I wouldn't wanna bother listening to the screaming...
Vorlon0010 (1:30:17 AM): feed him slowly into a gas turbine?
Brent Dax (1:30:33 AM): Hmm, that could work.
Brent Dax (1:31:06 AM): Wood chipper or jet engine would quickly and finally dispose of him...
Vorlon0010 (1:31:32 AM): the real problem is deciding which way at that point. You'd have to have it at very low thrust to feed him in the jetpipe, but the added burning might be worth it.
Brent Dax (1:31:43 AM): Heh.
Brent Dax (1:32:01 AM): For added irony, we could have three lesbians sit on his torso.
Vorlon0010 (1:32:41 AM): nah, why grant him something some men fantasize over? He'd likely enjoy it, given his apparent fixation with that mix of gender and orientation
Brent Dax (1:33:10 AM): True.
Brent Dax (1:33:16 AM): Three truck drivers?
Vorlon0010 (1:33:33 AM): that could work. Three truck drivers convicted of molesting children...
Vorlon0010 (1:34:03 AM): There's my old favourite of mine: dip him in brown gravy and lock him in a room with an underfed wolverine that's high on angel dust.
Brent Dax (1:34:16 AM): Heh.
Vorlon0010 (1:34:27 AM): (thanks to George Carlin)
Brent Dax (1:34:54 AM): I seem to remember McF talking about dipping asshats in honey and feeding them to the fireants.
Vorlon0010 (1:35:22 AM): also good, but ants give me the creeps. I prefer mammals :p
Vorlon0010 (1:36:06 AM): cut him lightly along the legs and arms and dump him in shark/piranha territory?
Brent Dax (1:36:23 AM): He'd probably drown first, knowing his level of intelligence.
Brent Dax (1:36:38 AM): Maybe we need something more him over sixteen times with a souped-up Honda Civic?
Vorlon0010 (1:37:02 AM): hmm.... doesn't sound right somehow...
Vorlon0010 (1:37:15 AM): string him up from a neon streetsign?
Vorlon0010 (1:37:57 AM): strip him naked and lock him in a japanese school girls changing room?
Brent Dax (1:38:05 AM): Oooh, good one.
Brent Dax (1:38:33 AM): Well, except it has the same general problem as the lesbian suffocation.
Vorlon0010 (1:38:43 AM): (if we can get him breakinga few additional taboos on the side it'd be better... stick a selection of things up his whatsit...)
Vorlon0010 (1:39:08 AM): true, true, but it has the added humiliation of being dragged through the courts and incarceration
Brent Dax (1:40:07 AM): Well, if we want that, why not shove a bomb up his rear and give him to the Department of Homeland Security for "questioning"?
Vorlon0010 (1:40:18 AM): hmm... possibly
Vorlon0010 (1:41:27 AM): know where we could find 6 of these? - *points at the guy*
Brent Dax (1:41:32 AM): Hmm...take away his clothes and put on a shock collar that zaps him if he leaves Neverland Ranch...
Vorlon0010 (1:41:44 AM): oooh, ouch.
Brent Dax (1:43:01 AM): Hmm, dunno, but we could probably work something out.
Vorlon0010 (1:43:18 AM): preferably something that doesn't require effort :p
Vorlon0010 (1:44:48 AM): I've gotta go shopping *wave* seeya later

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