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Well, I'm sitting at a computer in the school library. I should be in class, but instead I'm sitting here, typing on my LJ.

The class I'm not attending is Assembly; we had a test, and then we have lecture, but I decided not to do the lecture today. Sitting here, browsing the Web, listening to my CD player, and using e-mails for communications, with no need to do anything, is quite relaxing. At home, when I'm sitting at my computer I feel pressured to get something done--the personal statement I still need to do for UCAS, the mailing-list program for Mom's site, a massive renaming of Parrot internals...there's ten things I should be doing, but I don't have to worry about them here. It's very nice.

This area is very Hispanic, but interestingly, when I look around I mostly see Asians. Asian women, in fact...

Even more interesting is that I see a girl on computer 92 who looks like an old high school friend...at least from behind.

She just turned enough so I can tell it's not her. Oh well.


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Sep. 23rd, 2003 12:04 am (UTC)
if you want to look at a personal statement that's already been through the system, I've probably still got mine here somewhere ^^

Let me know ^^
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