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Sources and methods

I really need to find a new source of manga.

I finally finished both The Cardinal of the Kremlin and my second reading of Ranma #1 tonight, which meant it was time to go to the bookstore. As usual, the manga shelf didn't have anything I was looking for--they had Ranma 3 and 4, several Chobits between 1 and 7 (but not 8, which is what I need), Oh My Goddess 1, 15, and 16 (I'm looking for 2), and Inu-Yasha 1-4 and 14-16 (I need 5, which should be available at least in the old printing).

On the other hand, I did find Clear and Present Danger, so the trip wasn't a total waste.

I'd start searching the Yellow Pages or something, but I have no way to get more than a few blocks from my house with any speed, and within that radius there's only a B&N (which I went to tonight) and a Christian book store (which I doubt will be much help). There's a manga store in a shopping area called the Spectrum, but it's pretty small, and complications with the bus system mean that getting there and back will take the better part of two hours. (They run roughly one bus an hour, and it takes 15 minutes to half an hour to get there.)

I can't drive yet, because I don't have my license. We called to get an appointment today, but they're booked till October 14--I'll be taking the test at noon. On October 20 I'll be old enough to get a credit card so I can buy stuff online, although I doubt I'll be getting one on my birthday or anything. :^)

In the mean time, I'll have to satisfy myself with Clancy. And I suppose I can catch up on the RPs, too...
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