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So, tonight we switched to Mom's new site.  In the process, we started using a new piece of mailing list software, in which the e-mails are actually sent from my server, not the machine hosting Mom's site.  We used this software for the first time today to send out this month's newsletter.

Well, AOL saw a couple dozen identical e-mails coming from a single server and freaked out.  Never mind that it shows none of the hallmarks of spam—lots of random HTML formatting, references to prescription drugs/porn/African coups, deceptive headers.  This is something with a tag in the subject line, the proper mailing list headers (including a "Precedence: bulk" header, for God's sake), a constant From: line, and coherent content.  If a human looked at this, I think they'd conclude within about five seconds that it was legit.  But hey, they're the biggest ISP in the Western world, they don't have to be a good citizen, right?

So now I get to jump through their hoops.  Assholes.

[edit] Okay, 1300 addresses (out of 6000 or so).  Still, you'd think they could get a human being involved.
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