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Shooting my mouth off

I got a letter printed in today's paper, responding to a rather idiotic letter they printed yesterday:

Dangerous patriot games

Letter-writer Larry Weisenthal says nuclear weapons destroying American cities are a truly unprecedented threat.  He proves that we forget too easily.

We forget the decades when everybody believed a nuclear holocaust would come and destroy the world.  People built underground shelters and trained their children to hide under desks, believing the worst would happen.

We forget past corruption: Hoover's FBI spied on Martin Luther King Jr.; The House Un-American Activities Committee ruined the careers of filmmakers, scriptwriters and actors; the World War I-era Sedition Act was used to lock away dissidents.

Again and again, the government has used its power to terrorize its citizens.  If we are to have a happy and free future, we need to remember the unhappy and oppressed past, lest we fall into the same traps again.

Well, Grandma seems to like it, anyway.  (My comment to Grandpa was How the heck does Brent know so much????)

In other news, Summer of Code submissions have closed, meaning that some time in the next ten days I'll get a "yes" or "no".  My stomach is churning...
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