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LiveJournal has tags now. This makes me a very happy geek. Now if only they could lash together trackback support…

Still haven't heard from Google. I guess I shouldn't expect anything for a couple days at the very least. And I shouldn't expect a yes at all, considering that they got 8700 (!) applications. Mrr…

If I don't get picked, maybe I'll teach myself Lisp this summer. I could use a good mindfuck.

Oh, I seem to have a client. An e-pub, but money is money. (That's her old site, of course—I'd never build something that nasty.)

In other news, I set the ReplayTV to snag Stand Alone Complex (seven words is too long to be a title—you hear me, Lucas!?) off CN every night, so I can watch it after everyone else has gone to bed the next night. Good show.

Wow, I managed to cram four of the nine tags I've defined so far into one post. (Yeah, I went back and tagged my latest twenty entries. What can I say? I was excited.)

Oh! I got my copy of The Confusion today! Too bad I can't read it yet—too much web work to do.
Tags: entertainment, hacking, meta-lj, soc

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