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On bad Supreme Court rulings

So, everybody's commenting on the latest bit of Supreme Court idiocy—namely, the ruling that the government can take private property for private purposes. This is an awful ruling, and one I find appalling, but I want to be clear on something.

Don't blame the companies.

It is the responsibility of companies to try to make money while complying with the laws. It is not their responibility—though some may choose to do so—to be nice, moral, generous, good role models, or anything else. The government is responsible for succumbing to the temptation to get extra money by ignoring the spirit of the law.

This is a failure of people at all levels of government, not of corporations trying to compete.



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Jun. 23rd, 2005 09:38 pm (UTC)
For certain definitions of "blame," sure. But, you know... while it may be the purpose of the company to make money, they do not necissarily need to maximize profits at the expense of others. They have no right to pass on their cost of doing business to non-customers. That's why I hate spam, and why I hate junk mail.

If a company is doing business in an unethical manner. then we do have the right to boycott and criticize them. The simple "maximize profits" mantra just doesn't cut it. Just as we have a responsiblity to seek to enrich our lives without stealing from others, so do they. The fact that the judges can't see that it's stealing doesn't make it any less so.
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