Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax

Teh Shiny

With all the traveling I'll be doing this summer (Michigan in a week, then Europe in August), it's clear I'll need some way to work on the road. Mom and Dad agreed, so they loaned me some money so that I could buy a WinBook W235. (I actually picked out a cheaper model last night, but I couldn't get Linux to understand one of the sound chips, so I had to return it.)

The relevant bits are:
  • 14″ widescreen. (It runs at 1280x768, which took a little trickery to get running.)
  • 1.6 GHz Pentium M, Centrino chipset, 512MB RAM, 80GB hard drive.
  • DVD±RW drive
  • Integrated wireless, blah blah blah.

It's a pretty nice machine, although there are a few annoyances—it's too easy to accidentally right-click with the base of my palm while typing; the battery life isn't great (unlike my mother's laptop, which is from the same company); and the usual laptop gripes, like lack of a numeric keypad. Still, it's certainly nice to have, and I think I'll like using it.
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