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Where does the time go when it's not around here?

It's late and I have to be up early, so I'll make this quick.

First of all, I'm going to be in Michigan till Friday or so. Anybody in the area who is interested in meeting up with me, please try to get in touch with me so we can set something up. The easiest way might be to just leave a text so I can pick it up whenever I have reception; if you don't have the number, ask Rachel or Jasmine for it.

I'll be starting on my Summer of Code project on the plane tomorrow, and working on it throughout the trip. I'm thinking about reviving my old use Perl journal to keep a blog of my progress, so the übergeeks in the crowd might want to set up a syndicated account here and friend it.

Oh, I also got paid for finishing Mom's site, and promptly ran out and blew most of it on an iPod Shuffle. (Actually, that's not quite fair—a much larger portion of the money went straight back to Mom to pay the old debt for my server, so I now own it outright. Yay.) This makes Snape happy, and happy Snape dances. *_*

...yeah, I'm tired. Bedtime now.
Tags: soc, toys, travels

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