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I'm back.

I got quite a bit done on my SoC project during this trip, which makes me happy.

I got to get towed behind a boat in an innertube, and ride a Sea-Doo (although I fell off once and had to drag it back to shore), which made me happy.

I finished The Diamond Age (a good book! All hail Princess Nell and Neal Stephenson!), which made me happy.

I didn't get to meet up with people, which kind of sucked, although the logistics of doing so would've been a pain.

The seatbelt didn't fit on Millennium Force at Cedar Point (it was a centimeter too short!) which made me incredibly unhappy at the time, but I'm okay with it now.

Cedar Point in general didn't impress me very much; some of their rollercoasters were excellent, but the lines were too long, most of the rides too short, the food was crap, and the staff was pretty unfriendly. (Although one staff member—along with two guests—commented on my Firefox shirt.) I guess I've been spoiled by the highly competitive environment created in Southern California by Disneyland; they have excellent service, which raises the bar for everyone around here.

I heard about the London thing yesterday, but didn't get any details until today. My family has agreed that we're still visiting London and Italy next month; the risk of an attack hasn't really gone up. I actually think this was a mistake on the terrorists' part, which makes me wonder if it was really an Al Qaeda operation. London is probably one of the worst terrorist targets in the world; the British citizenry and government know how to react sensibly to terrorism, perhaps better than anyone else.
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