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With pictures!

Well, two (relatively) important events in my day today.

The first was a haircut. For those who hadn't seen it, my hair looked like in this picture:

Well, not quite like that, because that's right after a shower, but you get the idea.

I got it cut today, so it wouldn't keep falling into my eyes, and changed the style to something a bit more managable. New pic (taken with my lame-ass webcam, 'cause the digital camera is elsewhere today):

After I got home, my sister and parents went to a gymnastics meet--she needs to qualify for Level 6 finals. I went off to a (relatively) nearby manga store, called Manga House.

I had to take the bus to get there, but my timing was good, and I didn't have to wait more than ten minutes or so at either end.

While there, I got Ranma 2-4 (shrinkwrapped, oddly enough) and three boxes of pocky (two chocolate, one mousse). The clerk was extremely friendly and gave me a bag of his own..."pizza sticks", he called them. He said they taste exactly like pizza, but I haven't tried them yet, so I can't say for myself.

This all was put in a bigass orange bag. I had my MT bag with me, though, and since I'd rather not haul around a second bag, espeically one that's bright orange and doubly especially one that would raise questions when I'd rather be left alone, I stuffed everything in there. Unfortunately, I think the pizza sticks got crushed. Everything else survived, though.

Here's the stuff (also with the webcam):

The mousse pocky is good, but it's expensive enough that I'll probably stick to regular chocolate most of the time.

Wow, those pictures suck. Might have to re-take them when the parents get home...

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