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The Not-Vacation

Today, my father dropped a mini-bombshell.

My father works as a consultant for a division of a major bank. Basically, the division handles the money from business bankruptcies. To attract customers ("bankruptcy trustees"--companies that negotiate who gets how much of the money from the bankruptcy and guide it through the courts), they offer them special bankruptcy-management software that helps them keep track of who's getting what and fill out all the necessary forms. My father is one of the half-dozen or so programmers who works on this program; he's one of the better ones, and does a lot of the design work. Because he's so important to the work, and because he's been working this job eight-to-five for several years, he's treated like an employee in most respects.

Apparently that includes making sacrifices for the division.

He received news today that some court in Maryland wants to talk to his division about possible new data-transfer techniques. Or something like that--I wasn't paying close enough attention to that part. The important part is that he may have to leave us on the last day of the trip.

I suppose it's not really that big a deal--it's only one day and (maybe) one night. But it still annoys me. I have no idea why.

I also have no idea who to be annoyed at. My father doesn't really want to do this; his division is just doing its job, and he is the best-placed person to do it.

Not knowing what to think sucks...

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