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I don't like XML.

No, wait, let me restate that. I hate XML.

No, wait, let me restate that. I despise the over-engineered, over-verbose, over-committeed (that isn't a typo), over-hyped, and under-powered pile of steaming horse shit that is XML with every cell in my body.

And I dearly wish there was a YAML parser for C#.


Oct. 7th, 2005 04:21 pm (UTC)
XHTML1.0 Trans for me.

For pushing data around, however, which I think is the point of Brent's post, I abhor importing XML. Parsing the soup is just an absolute pain in the ass, driving me to use

  • url=encoded&data=strings
  • variable=assignment\n
  • http: headers\n
  • ( {"json": "strings"} )

Although json is a pain in the ass to debug sometimes. I have absolutely no problems with exporting my data in an XML document of some form, but in general avoid accepting data in that form. Especially if it's being passed between two of my own programs. If I need to accept XML data in a short one-off script, I'll regex it out of the XML document without care of the structure, simply because it takes much less time.