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The calm

It's a very quiet October 1. Of course, that'll change in fifty minutes, when I have to start working on the Web site with Mom.

Announcement: I will most likely be too busy working on the web site today to talk to people much.

For now, though, it's quiet and calm. I have another forty-five minutes before we start.

The month is looking the same way. October 20 is my birthday, but right now the month is calm. Just finish the web site and take my classes. So far at least, there are no crises--September wrapped itself up nicely.

Staring down the month's barrel, so to speak, and looking at my birthday, I'm surprised to find that I don't really want computer parts (although I'm counting on the traditional Fry's shopping spree to let me upgrade out of this USB problem). I just want cash, to stuff in a bank account and use for A-kon.

I did some rough calculations last night, and with all current income sources (allowance, this web work, a rebate check from some gear) I can come up with about $960. That's probably enough to get me there (and back) and cover hotel cost, but not a whole lot else--and that number's only possible if I go nine months without any purchases of any kind, including Hanukkah/Christmas presents, which I intend to buy this year. The solution is obvious, but I'm avoiding it for now--I won't even have a license until the fourteenth anyway, and in Southern California and especially in Irvine, you can't get anywhere unless you drive.

It's possible, I suppose, that I'll get some money for Hanukkah or my birthday, but I sort of doubt it. It hasn't really happened before. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a pretty big slice of stock--my grandfather's been dropping hints to that effect--but that's the sort of thing you hold on to. Mom's said that she wants to do a major redesign of the site in a couple months, which I might get paid for--but then again, I might not.

Damn that client. I was counting on him to give me $600 or more. And I was expecting this second client to do something--I haven't heard anything from her whatsoever.

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