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Teh shininess of DOOM

So, as predicted yesterday, I made a trip to the Apple Store today.

Purchases included:
  1. 4GB white iPod nano.
  2. New in-ear headphones (the old ones blew out—I won't be using this pair with my computer).
  3. Another pair of in-ear headphones, for reasons to be explained.
  4. A new car charger/transmitter, because the one for the iPod shuffle isn't compatible with anything else.

I got a couple student discounts, and my brother bought my iPod shuffle, the car transmitter for it, and the extra headphones off me, so I ended up spending a little less than $300 overall. Besides a new monitor (my old CRT is on its last legs) and maybe a few stickers and things, this'll probably be the only portion of the Google money I spend "irresponsibly"; the rest will probably be used for this year's batch of Hanukkah presents, a bit of traveling to see people, and a big chunk for unknown possible future needs (that is, savings).

I don't know if I mentioned this at the time, but when I bought the Shuffle I was absolutely terrified. I was at the local Target and asked the sales guy what he thought of the idea; he seemed to think it wasn't a good idea. I was worried that I was throwing my money down the drain, and I almost didn't buy it. My good experience with the Shuffle belied everything he said, though, so this time I was excited instead.

So far I'm very happy with the Nano. It's as tiny as advertised—so small and light I'm barely even aware it's in my pocket. The screen is small but clear and the color is beautiful. The click wheel is an amazing piece of interface engineering—after about ten awkward seconds, it seems like the most natural thing in the world. I haven't been deaf to the reports of the Intarweb—especially the ones saying that the front plastic was easily scratched—so I've ordered a clear skin for it and I'm keeping the little plastic sheet on the front until it comes. The "4GB" is actually a drive manufacturer's 4GB, meaning it's 4 * 1000 * 1024 * 1024 bytes, or 3.7 "real" gigabytes. If I upload my entire music collection there are only a few megs left, but I have a ton of songs in there I don't even like, so I expect to have plenty of room left over in its final configuration. Unlike my Shuffle, I pretty much expect to upload my music and leave it there, instead of constantly reloading it with whatever I want to listen to.

My biggest problem is gtkPod, the iPod software for Ubuntu; the version I'm using is fairly old and has some issues with the Nano (i.e. some bands aren't showing up on the "Artists" and "Albums" screens, but their songs are still present in playlists). But it looks like they released the final version of Breezy Badger, the new Ubuntu version, tonight, and it includes an iTunes clone called Banshee, so I'll probably spend tomorrow upgrading my laptop...

(P.S.: I totally need a usericon for "shiny thing" posts like this. If you know of one I can steal, please reply with a link.)
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